Dr. Jo Tynon, in collaboration with Dr. Laurie Schimleck and Dr. Jeff Morrell, led a two-week program last summer to Queensland, Australia. 

Amy Willmont: "The CoF recognizes how incredibly life changing studying abroad is to a college student, and makes every effort to provide its students with the means to do so."

Elijah Wilson had never travelled abroad, did not speak Spanish, and thought he couldn't afford to study abroad. Since returning from an internship in Nicaragua, he is now minoring in Spanish, and has studied internationally a second time...

Dr. Seri Robinson (WSE), one of the CoF faculty leading a program this coming summer to Peru, creates art through spalting, the coloration of wood caused by a fungus.

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"The College of Forestry is dedicated to making international experiences accessible and affordable for its students. Whatever your major or financial situation, we will work with you to find the international experience that meets both your needs and goals."