Key College and University Resources

The College of Forestry is one of 12 colleges at Oregon State University. You will find valuable resources at both the College and University levels. Below are some important links:


International students in the College of Forestry enjoy all the services and support that is provided to US students. Student events, professional development opportunities, tutoring and study spaces, etc. are all equally available to international students. The College of Forestry has a Student Services Office that seeks to enhance the educational environment of undergraduate students through a variety of co-curricular programs, resources, events, and opportunities. 

If you are in Oregon and wish to visit the College of Forestry, use this link to find the information you need.

We also reccommend students tour the university, as there is a lot to see on campus. Tour guides are very knowledgeable about campus resources and can answer many questions about the university. Please visit this 

web page to schedule a tour and get university information.

In addition, please schedule a visit with our office of International Programs by contacting Michele Justice: .



Undergraduate students (working towards bachelor’s degrees) apply through the OSU Office of Admissions for entrance into the College of Forestry.

International admission to OSU

Graduate students should see the steps to apply for admission to forestry graduate programs.


English Language Training

Students will be required to meet the University standard TOEFL, TOEFL iBT, or IELTS score for direct admission to the university.  If you would like to come to OSU, but do not have this level of English proficiency at this time, you can apply for admission to one of the programs through INTO OSU, the University’s partner in academic and language training. For more information on English language proficiency, or to see the scores needed for admission please see the university's admissions requirements.

Click here to get connected with some OSU and community resources to work on your English language ability.



International Cultural Service Program – Students can recieve a scholarship in exchange for cultural service as an ambassador at OSU. This program is open to any international student at Oregon State. Students give presentations and must be willing to share about their home country or region of the world. A ICSP tuition award is approximately $13,500.

OSU has compiled a list of scholarships specifically for international students here.

Graduate students are eligible for funding through the University, the College, Research and Teaching Assistantships, and external sources. These funding opportunities can cover living expenses, tuition, and thesis or dissertation research expenses. For more information, visit the graduate funding page.

Student Services offers a list of College of Forestry scholarships. If the scholarship does not specify that applicants must be US citizens/residents, or come from a specific region it is available to international students who meet all other scholarship criteria. 




International Student Advising

International Student Advising and Services office supports all OSU students, graduate and undergraduate.  This office is the point of contact for all immigration-related issues.  All incoming international students will be required to attend the ISAS orientation held at the beginning of each term.


Academic Calendar

OSU operates on the quarter system. There are 3 terms in the regular academic year and a summer term in which students may take classes, but many choose to work, go home, or make other plans instead. There is at least a week off between each term. Each term is 11 weeks, with the last week being finals week where students do not attend class at their usually scheduled time, but are assigned another time to go take their final exam.

For a more detailed schedule that includes the dates of the terms, holidays, finals, registration, etc. see the academic calendar. You can also search for specific classes through the course catalog and see the dates, terms, and times classes are offered by looking through the class listings.

Note: OSU’s summer session is formatted differently from other terms with classes that range from 1 week intensive programs to regular 11 week courses.


Student Health

International students utilize the Student Health Services on campus for appointments to see a medical professional in the case of illness or injury. Usually appointments are free, but any tests that need to be done or treatments may require a fee. 

All international students are required to carry health insurance that meets specific guidelines. OSU automatically charges international students for OSU International Students Health Insurance, but a waiver for this fee may be obtained if the applicant can show that they have other insurance that meets national, state, and OSU requirements. For more information on health insurance at OSU, look here.

Additionally, visit the website for Student Health Services, or their page for new international students.


Ambassadors for the College of Forestry

Student ambassadors for the College of Forestry, the College of Agriculture Sciences, and Natural Resources can be contacted if you want to talk to a current student or learn more about these programs.