Internships and Research

International internships allow students to pursue professional experience on a global level while receiving academic credit and using financial aid/scholarships to support time abroad.  Internships are available:

  • On all continents (except Antarctica)
  • In all Forestry related majors - forest engineering, management, product development, marketing and trade, natural resource management, conservation and ecology, recreation and tourism, wood science and renewable material development. 
  • In all types of professional organization - research labs, industry, small businesses, NGO's, government agencies, non-profits and educational providers.
  • In all languages, including just in English.
  • At all times of year

Most internships are 8-12 weeks in duration.  Internship providers will help interns find housing, get oriented to their work place and environment, and develop critical work skills.  Many also provide stipends or other support to help cover costs.

While you must register for a minimum of one credit, you can earn up to full-time credits during your internship.

Opportunities are available for undergraduate and graduate students alike.

The list below is just the start - it will change frequently, so check back often!  If you don't see something you want to do, or somewhere you want to go, just ask!  Some opportunities are just waiting for the right student to put them into action.


If you are planning to host an OSU student for an international internship, please fill out the International Internship Host Information Form.

If you have already hosted an OSU intern, please provide the college with feedback by competing the Post-Internship Host Evaluation Form

If you are a student who has recently returned from an international internship, please provide the college with feedback about you experience by completing the Returning Intern Questionnaire


For more information, contact:

Michele Justice, Director of International Programs

Phone: (541) 737-6458 

Email: michele.justice@oregonstate.edu

Office Address: 258 Strand Agriculture Hall



Marshall Plan Scholarship Program

Check This Out! Did you think funding your internship or research dreams were dashed because of cost? Well, we have news for you. The Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation offers scholarships from € 3.000 - € 10.000 for research in technical sciences in Austria. It is the Foundation's goal to see more Austrians and Americans participate in academic exchange programs, thereby increasing mutual understanding and image.

Important Dates to Consider:

Second Call, 2017/2018 Marshall Plan Scholarship Program:
March 5 - April 22, 2018, earliest date of studies is July 22, 2018 (our internal deadline is April 06, 2018)
First Call, 2018/2019 Scholarship Program:
September 10 - November 2, 2018, earliest date of studies is January 30, 2019 (our internal deadline is October 12, 2018)

For more information, click HERE!

Want to apply? You'll need to be nominated by your university. Begin by contacting Michele Justice.  


Internships - find out what CoF students have done abroad!

Click on the names below to follow the students' time abroad. You can also read about students' experiences on our Student Stories page.

Carter McGowan, 1-year internship with FLP, Austria (2017-2018)


Brad Pfeifer & Zachary Leslie, Forest Management and Forest Engineering internships with Scion and Ernslaw One Ltd., New Zealand (Summer 2017)



Accsys Technologies - Internship

Arnhem, Netherlands

Accsys Technologies PLC is chemical products company focused on sustainability via the development and commercialization of a range of transformational technologies based upon the acetylation of solid wood and wood elements.

Job Description: Working within the product development team to accomplish projects on product performance, species diversification and use of acetylated material in composite products. Tasks to include practical work, laboratory testing and reporting.

Dates10 weeks, July - September

For more information, please visit: Accsys Technologies Internship





Forestal, Aserradero y Comercial Alto Horizonte - Internship

Concepción, Chile

Alto Horizonte is a timber product and forestry company, focused on maximizing benefits for their clients and sawmills. They are dedicated to providing high-quality products and services by fostering loyalty with their employees, providers and clients. 

Job Description: The intern will be working in production control, external trade (documentation), sawmill operations, quality control, along with various other work.

DatesJuly - September (Specifics TBA)

For more information, please visit: Alto Horizonte Internship




Forestal Mininco - Internship


Los Angeles, Chile

 Forestal Mininco is a private company that specializes in forest production and silviculture. They operate in Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East; and also have 14 representatives abroad, including in Japan, China, Italy and the UK. Forestal Mininco generates an annual sales revenue of about $600 million, selling lumber, sawn logs, pulpwood, and seeds of quality.

Job Description: The intern will assist in production analysis and operations. There will be a mix of office and field work, depending on the intern’s specific project.

Dates: TBA, but typically the internship is 2-3 months beginning in January.

For more information, please visit: Forestal Mininco Internship



Huilo Huilo - Internship



Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve is a private natural reserve and ecotourism project in southern Chile. The reserve was created in 1999 and includes over 148,000 acres of native forest in Chile dedicated to wildlife conservation and tourism.  Huilo Huilo was founded with the mission to develop conservation projects' flora and fauna and to integrate the community and local entrepreneurs with the reserve; over the years they have generated an extensive network of partners with both public and private organizations involved in the sustainability of the territory and its inhabitants. Among their most symbolic projects is the preservation of the South Andean deer, an endangered species that is the national symbol of Chile, who for the first time are able to live in semi-captivity and reestablish as a population.

Job Description: The intern will be assisting in gardening and tourism, as well as an individual project that has not yet been determined. There will be training during the first two weeks of the internship.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Ability to speak some Spanish
  • Natural Resources major
  • Some knowledge of native plants to Chile
  • Some knowledge of agronomy, biology, and sustainable tourism

Huilo Huilo will provide free housing in a shared home inside headquarters. The internship duration is 3 months.

For more information, please contact Michele Justice at michele.justice@oregonstate.edu



For more internships available through OSU with forestry/natural resources related focus, please visit IE3 Global.  IE3 Global is Oregon's statewide international internship program, and has a multitude of professional opportunities available.

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