Inside the Chile Initiative

Collaboration with Chile

In pursuit of further internationalization within the College of Forestry, several OSU professors have teamed up with Chilean university, industry, and research partners to complete projects under the Chile Initiative. These projects work to strengthen OSU's connection with Chile and to increase the opportunities for students and researchers to study abroad. To get an inside look into the international research that is being done at OSU with the Chile Initiative, click the articles below.


Dr. Carlos Gonzalez-Benecke (FERM): Interactions between Soil, Climate and Competing Vegetation on Soil Water Availability, Survival and Productivity on Young Stands of Radiate Pine in Chile

Gonzalez-Benecke’s project focuses on combining the efforts of OSU and Chilean forestry specialists to investigate the effects of climate change on the vegetative species in competition with young plantations of radiata pine trees in Chile and Douglas-fir in the Pacific Northwest.


Dr. Christopher Still (FES) and Dr. David Shaw (FERM): Ecosystems in the Sky: Dynamic Processes of Old-Growth Tree Canopies in Chile and the Pacific Northwest

The project seeks to conduct parallel research investigations into the forest canopies of old-growth Chilean Alerce trees and western red cedars native to the Pacific Northwest.


Dr. Fred Kamke (WSE): OSU-UBB-NSF Collaborative Education and Research Project 

The project aims to combine the interests of Oregon State University, the WBC, and the University of Bío Bío, all while furthering the mission of the Chile Initiative. Kamke explains that the project is expected to “prime the pump” for students from Chile interested in wood-based composites to make their way to OSU for study and research.


Dr. Klaus Puettmann (FES): Segundo De Silvicultura en Bosques Nativos – Establishing OSU as a Cooperating Partner

Puettmann’s project focuses on broadening OSU’s international relations through cooperation with Chile and participation in the conservation of Chilean forests. Puettmann believes that OSU’s participation in international colloquiums will serve to demonstrate a higher level of support for Chilean forestry concerns.