Housing for International Scholars and Students

Housing Options

On Campus 

Although OSU has limited on-campus housing, there are a variety of options for short-term and long-term housing. Depending on the length of your stay and your budget, you may want short-term hotel housing, a week-by-week or month-by-month rental, or sublet/rent an apartment or room in a house. You may also be able to rent homes of professors who are on sabbatical - contact your faculty host for other housing alternatives.

University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) has information regarding food and on-campus living options, and a page with information for international students. The International Living Learning Center is a great place for international students to stay on campus.


Visit the Housing Resources International Scholar and Faculty Services (ISFS) web page for more information about housing resources, explanations of unfamiliar rental terminology, housing lists, and hotel contact information.


Scholar Housing Program

Scholar housing is available to visiting scholars, researchers, and interns year-round through our Residential Conferences office. All scholars must have an academic program or university-related purpose for their stay and be connected with a sponsoring academic department in order to be eligible for scholar housing.


Students enrolled in academic courses at OSU should apply for on-campus housing through their MyUHDS account. Please direct questions of eligibility to the Residential Conferences office at  or (541) 737-9195.


We offer a variety of guest suites and residence hall rooms at Oregon State University for our guests. Please see our academic year and summer scholar housing options below by clicking on one of the photos. Fill out a reservation and our office will contact you to confirm eligibility and room availability.


Off Campus


There are many options for scholars wanting to live off campus. University Housing and Dining Services provides some general information to help you with your house/apartment hunting here.


Craigslist is a common way of searching for houses. People can post classified advertisements, many of which are about housing. It can be a great way to find a house, apartment, or roommates, but please note that CoF International Programs is not recommending any housing found on craigslist and you should use your own judgement when searching for housing online. Craigslist does not verify the authenticity of listings so anyone can post anything. Please use good internet safety practices and avoid scams.


ApartmentList is another useful online source when searching for off campus housing. On this free-to-use website, you can search for housing options based on city, neighborhood, price, noise level, nearby attractions, restaurants, shopping, etc. in order to find the living situation that best suits your needs. 


Facebook can also be a place to connect with other OSU students and scholars. Once you join the OSU facebook group (requires you to have an @oregonstate.edu email address) you can join the housing group within it and find other students and members of the OSU community looking for housing or with housing available. 



Some apartment complexes close to OSU are:


There are many other apartments available that can be found through online searches and sites such as Zillow and Trulia that list apartment and house availabilities.


Hotels in Corvallis

Only staying for a short time with the University? Corvallis has a range of hotels available as well for those in need, including the following:

More hotels and motels may be found through the following page.


The off campus housing options above are not endorsed by or affiliated with OSU. OSU cannot garuntee students a spot in any off campus residence.