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Broaden Your Horizons: Engage the World through the College of Forestry

The College of Forestry is dedicated to making international experiences accessible and affordable for its students. Whatever your major or financial situation, we will work with you to find the international experience that meets both your needs and goals.

Whether seeking to join College faculty abroad for a few weeks over the summer, to study for a term during the school year, to participate in an international internship, or to conduct research overseas, we will work with you to find what you are seeking.

Providing international experiences to our students is a core value to our College, and these experiences can greatly impact the both the mindset of our students and the marketability of one’s degree.

One of the major concerns with students regarding international studies is that they are all very cost-restrictive, which is not the case. For all of our students, both scholarships and financial aid can be applied to an international program; we even offer scholarships specifically for those seeking to study abroad with our College. For non-resident and international students, these opportunities can be even more affordable, as they are often closer in price to your current in-state estimated tuition.

This past summer, we sent students and faculty abroad to Peru, Costa Rica, Spain, and Australia. Our program in Peru, “Tropical Woods and the Fungi That Love Them” takes students to the Peruvian Amazon to study the relationship between tropical hardwoods and fungi under Professor Seri Robinson. Our program in Costa Rica, “Current Issues in Natural Resources” is a an opportunity for students to explore current and historical human uses of resources and engages them to look futher into how, as a society, we can develop sustainable solutions to resource consumption.  "Forest Resource Management" in Spain provides students with exposure to a unique subset of Mediterranean and maritime forest ecosystems and enables students to establish an international perspective on forest management strategies in our ever-changing envirnment. In Australia, the land down under, "Rainforest, Rangeland and Reef: Exploring Australia’s Coastal Landscapes" focused on biodiversity, species and ecosystem conservation, and forest landscape management for sustainable harvest and wildland recreation in Queensland, Australia--the area that also home to the immense ecosystem that is the Great Barrier Reef.

Past years' faculty-led short term student explorations included trips to to Japan and Alpine Europe, and many new faculty-led destinations are already underway for 2017!

These are only a few of the opportunities available to our students. We can also connect our students to international internships and research opportunities, as well as term and year-long study abroad programs.

You have nothing to lose and the world to gain. Stop by our office today!


“…to anyone thinking about studying abroad is to stop thinking about it, and make it happen! My decision to study abroad has been the single most important educational and life decision I have made for myself.”

– Dylan Dripps, Renewable Materials major; year-long study abroad in Nantes, France

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The College of Forestry has many international opportunities available to its students, including:

A number of other opportunities are also available through OSU's Office of Global Opportunities (GO) and IE3 Global.

Meet other students interested in international travel at the International Forestry Student's Association (IFSA)

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