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Funding the Next Generation of Forestry Professionals 

Why International Engagment? 

In today’s world, no university education is complete without an international dimension.  College of Forestry graduates are employed by companies, agencies and organizations that conduct business all over the world.  Tomorrow’s forestry and natural resource leaders need to be global citizens, knowledgeable about the world in which they work, and ready to engage with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

In order for our students to learn and intern abroad, international learning opportunities must be affordable.  Without financial assistance, few of our students can afford to participate.  In just three years (2013 – 2016) the College has more than tripled the number of students  overseas, yet still fewer than 15% of our students will have a significant international experience before they graduate; our goal is to achieve 30% participation by 2020.

Through fundraising, we seek to lower the cost of international experiences to what they would be on campus or in the US for a similar experience.   This way, students can pursue their goals, in whatever location promises the most growth and professional development.

“This [scholarship assistance from the College of Forestry] was the only way that interning in Chile this summer became a viable reality for me, as the College of Forestry understands the value that comes from studying and working abroad. I am eternally grateful for the support I and so many of my peers have received—every little bit allows us to focus more of our time on our studies and career aspirations, and lessens the worries about how we’ll manage the full cost [of an international experience].” 

~ Savannah Stanton (Renewable Materials)

Affiliated Universities

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Partner Organizations

The OSU College of Forestry has developed relationships with institutions, organizations and companies across the globe to foster innovation in wolrd forestry and provide hands on internship expereince for OSU students.  Students participate in exchange programs in France, Austria and New Zealand. Faculty join international colleagues in leading study programs in Chile, Alpine Europe, Malaysian Borneo, Peru and Australia.  In the past few years, forestry studetns have interned with Forestal Mininco and The Nature Conservancy in Chile, Western Forest Products in Canada, Inkaterra in Peru, and Vanastree in India, just to name a few. 


Funding the Next Generation of Forestry Professionals - Become a Sponsor!

 Whether you are looking to fund an entire year of international travel or to help a student take the first steps towards becoming a global citizen, our donors are the reason that the College of Forestry is able to maintain affordable international programs for all students. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the next generation of forestry professionals, see below to discover what your donation can do. Dependable, ongoing support and funding, coupled with singular donations, fuels our capacity to develop new international connections for students and faculty, whilst enabling the continuation of wonderful opportunities currently offered throught the Collefe of Forestry International Programs!

 The Amazon Rainforest

$50,000 - $100,000

Sponsor an extended research project that supports faculty, graduate and undergraduate collaboration in forestry and natural resource fields around the globe.  This level of funding will cover items such as research expenditures and supplies, faculty salary, and all travel expenses.  Sponsors will be named as contributers to the international program they are funding on CoF International's website. 

Old Growth Forest

$25,000 - $45,000

Provides funding for a 15 student, faculty-led study abroad program. This funding covers costs associated with the faculty-led programs, including travel and salary expenses for attending faculty members, a subsidy the individual student cost, as well as in-country lodging and travel expenses. At the higher end of this sponsorship level, funding coverage would also include international airfare. Sponsors will be named as contributers to the international program they are funding on CoF International's website. 



Funding for one student's academic year abroad.  This would cover student tuition, living expenses and travel costs as an exchange student at a host university. 



This level of coverage fully funds one student abroad on a faculty-led program. It can also be used to provide one graduate student with financial support for a three-month period of research, covering travel, accommodation and meals, and in-country services like translators, guides, or field assistance.



This level of funding provides for a round-trip international flight.



Small grants can be used to cover travel requirements like passports, vaccinations, field equipment, or a portion of airfare.  This level of funding can also provide registration fees for international symposium or conference attendance.



Cover the cost of a visa, or international insurance for a student abroad.