Dean's Investment Fund Awards for International Engagement


Believing that knowledge of the world beyond our national borders is essential to a well-educated citizenry, the College of Forestry is committed to expanding international learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. The awards described below have been put in place to assist students in pursuing their interests through international study, research, internships, and other collaborative experiences. 


Scholarship types and award ranges

Experience Type


Average Duration

Typical Award Amount/Range*


Students attend classes at a partner university overseas; living and learning is with host university students.  Students pay OSU tuition plus overseas living/travel expenses.

4 – 6 months

(1-2 terms)


Study Abroad Program/Intensive Language Program

Students are part of a stand-alone learning group of US students in a specific location; they may or may not have classes with local university students.

2 – 3 months

(1 term)


Coop Internships

Students participate in a professional work experience coordinated through the Pro School or Coop Education program in the college.

6 months

(duration required for Coop ed/Pro School program)



Students are participating in an internship through IE3 Global Internship or another college-approved internship organization.

3 months


Short-term Programs

Students are part of a cohort-based group led by COF or other OSU faculty members to a single or multiple locations.

Less than one term

$500 - $1000


Independent learning experience

Students are involved in research or other international activities not listed above; you must discuss this option with the Director of International Programs to ensure it is eligible for scholarship support.  Can include conference attendance.


Varies; up to $2500


Don't see your experience included here? Please be in touch with Michele Justice to discuss your international plans.




How are scholarship decisions made?

Once students have submitted applications, a committee from the college convenes to review all applications and award scholarships.  Not all award amounts will be the same.  The following criteria are taken into consideration:

Student Factors:

  • GPA (all scholarships require a MINIMUM of a 2.5 GPA for eligibility)
  • transcripts and academic courses taken
  • Financial need (information is requested from the OSU Financial Aid Office, and considered along with students’ own need statements)
  • Essay/justification
  • Letters of reference/faculty support
  • Service to the College/University
  • Previous international experience
  • Candidates must have a clean student conduct record

Program/Experience Factors:

  • Program cost/fee
  • Duration of stay abroad
  • Living expenses
  • Travel costs – airfare, visa expenses, immunizations
  • Research equipment, additional logistical costs (if applicable)
  • Relation of program/experience to COF’s strategic priorities

What is the application process?

These are the steps to submitting an application for COF scholarships:

  • You will need to complete the COF Dean’s Investment Fund Scholarship Application Form by the deadline indicated below. 
  • If it was NOT part of your initial international program application (or you are not applying for a recognized program), you must submit an unofficial transcript.
  • A letter of reference from a COF faculty member must be submitted on your behalf.  Emails are acceptable. 
  • Submit a copy of your most recent financial aid award letter.  If you do not apply for/receive aid, please be sure to explain the rationale for this in your financial statement on the application.
  • If you have received one, please include a copy of your acceptance letter to the international program you have chosen; OR a letter of invitation from the organization/individual with which/whom you will be working.  These documents will be required before any funds are released to you.


How will I receive the funds?

In the case of fee remission scholarships (those which reduce program cost), the amount of the program fee billed to your student account will be lowered by the scholarship amount (this applies mainly to programs run by COF).

For all other programs/experiences, funds will be deposited in your OSU student account.  Please be aware that if you have outstanding amount owed to OSU, this money will be applied to that debt. 

In rare circumstances, such as conference attendance, students may be reimbursed by the college for funds expended, provided the scholarship award was made prior to the spending of those funds, and that they have been spent on agreed-upon costs.  Funding awards will follow COF and OSU approved travel/reimbursement policy.


Application Deadlines

Applications MUST be completed by these deadlines to be considered for funding.  Plan ahead!

April 1 for international programs/experiences beginning in Summer or Fall term (June - Dec)

December 15 for international programs/experiences beginning in Winter term (Jan - Mar)

January 9 for international programs/experiences beginning in Spring term (Mar - June)

Occasional exceptions to this timetable will be made for opportunities that arise outside the timeframe indicated above.

Scholarship applicants will be notified of awards within six weeks of the application deadline.