Chile Initiative Presentations

Performance Agreement to Support Innovation in Higher Education - Science, Technology andn Innovation for the Bioeconomy


Jose Antonio Carrasco, Executive Director of the Bioeconomy Project 

Alex Berg, Director of the Technological Development Unit and the Bioeconomy Project

Sofia Valenzuela, Researcher, Centro de Biotechnologia

Maria de la Luz Morales, Representative of the UdeC Office of Transfer and Licensing

Vicente Hernandez, Researcher, Centro de Biotechnologia 


Functional-Structural Tree Modeling: Relating Environment with Growth and Wood

M. Paulina Fernández

Department of Ecosystems and Environment

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile


The Importance of Hyudraulic Conductance to Characterize Biotic and Abiotic Water Stress in Woody Plants

Alonso Pérez Donoso

Faculty of Agriculture and Forest Engineeriong

Department of Fruticultura y Enology