Visiting the College of Forestry as an International Scholar or Intern


Preparing to come to the College of Forestry

Please note:  This information is for visiting scholars to the College of Forestry, and for student interns who are coming to OSU for research (but are completing their studies elsewhere). If you are interested in pursuing a degree at Oregon State University, please visit our Undergraduate or Graduate Programs pages to learn about application and admission to OSU.

Finding an Academic Sponsor:  To join the College of Forestry (CoF), you'll need to be directly in touch with a faculty member who is able to serve as your sponsor. If you don't already have such a contact here in CoF, please visit the main College of Forestry website and identify a member of the College whose academic discipline aligns with your research agenda. You may contact this person directly to discuss your plans. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact our CoF International Programs Office, and we can help you make a connection. 

Applying for a J1 Scholar or Student Intern visa

Obtaining a Visa:  Once you've been invited by a sponsoring faculty member and department, you and your host will need to work out the details of your visit - your scholarly activities, the timing and duration of your stay, and the resources which CoF will provide.  The next step is to obtain the appropriate visa.  We will work with you to ensure you have the correct immigration documentation.

Please note that your immigration documentation requires several components:

  • Online forms completed by you and your OSU faculty sponsor:  Please click HERE to complete this step, and to begin the process of coming to the College of Forestry as an International Scholar or Intern.  This information is required to initiate your visit to the College, and to prepare your immigration paperwork.
  • A copy of the ID page on your current passport: Please send this via email to Michele Justice at .
  • Documentary proof of your financial support while in the United States:  This may be included in your appointment letter/letter of invitation if you are receiving a salary or stipend from OSU.  If you or your government, university or sponsor are providing this funding, you need to send an award letter of the funds, statement of earnings, or official bank account documentation to show the correct level of funding.  For more information, please click HERE.
  • $325 fee for visa documentation processing.  This is separate from the SEVIS fee you will pay to the Department of Homeland Security.  In some cases, College of Forestry Departments or Sponsors cover this fee on your behalf.  If this will NOT be the case, you will need to provide this payment before your visa can be processed.  Please click here for instructions on making this payment.  Click HERE for instructions on paying the OSU ISFS Processing Fee, SEVIS Fee and Consular/Visa Fees.

Once you receive your visa and make your travel plans, please communicate these to CoF International Programs, your host OSU Faculty member and your host department.


Resources for Living in Corvallis

Housing and Travel: Learn more about our on and off-campus housing options HERE. For information on travelling to and around Corvallis, click HERE.

You can also check out the Corvallis Living Guide for advice on how to be an informed tennant, services to expect from landlords and appartment communities, and instructions on how become certified as a Preferred Renter and get $50 off your security deposit! The Guide also provides a list of community and housing resources for first-time Corvallis residents. 

Health Insurance:  Through the visa application process, please pay special attention to required insurance coverage:  http://international.oregonstate.edu/isfs/international-scholars/j-1-exc.... OSU requires all non-resident international students and their dependants (living in the U.S.) be covered by health insurance. The health insurance must meet federal, state, and OSU requirements.   Students must enroll in the OSU International Student Health Plan unless they provide proof of alternate health insurance (OAR 576-025-0020) and a completed waiver application.

Community support:  Click HERE to get connected with some OSU and Community resources to work on English-Language proficiency.