École Supérieure du Bois

The “École Supérieure du Bois” is an engineering school specialized in wood science and technology on an international level. The three-year curriculum is based on wood science and technology as a whole, but management, business, law, marketing, foreign languages and communication also play an important part in the education. Students become specialized as well as receive practical training in companies in France and abroad enabling them to become high level professionals in the wood sector. To date, more than 2,500 engineers, researchers and technicians from BSE occupy key positions in this rapidly developing sector. Recognized for over 75 years, the ESB Group has a national and international reputation and maintains close links within networks of the timber industry.

  • Undergraduate: The International timber trade programme(ITT) is a six month course (from September to February) taught in English or French covering international trade techniques, marketing, logistics and specialized courses on wood-based products such as marketing and wood logistics. It is also possible for students to follow up with a 6 month internship in France or abroad (from March to August).
    • The application deadline is May 30
  • Graduate: ESB offers a 3-year Master's equivalent study through their Engineering Degree. The curriculum is based on wood science and technology and includes management, business, law, marketing, foreign languages and communication, and includes required internships after each academic year.
    • The application deadline is May 30.
  • More information about ESB and Nantes – including lodging, transportation, cost of living, and required documentation – is available through the ESB Foreign Student Guide.
  • Check out ESB's Welcome Guide for International Students and Academic Partners today! 
  • Click HERE for important information and contacts regarding application procedures, accomodations, and more!
  • Have you talked with Kerry Menn and completed all the application steps? Great! Registration will then be made online on this platform . PLEASE consult the International Programs Office prior to attempting registration so we can make sure you are have fulfilled all earlier requirements!

  • Accommodation platform and full services are offered by ESB to incoming students, and last but not least, here are all the available grants for the school!

Hear about Tygh Parr's experiences in Nantes with ESB's International timber trade programme! Parr is a student in Renewable Materials from Oregon State University.

Learn more about ESB through this informative video.

Application Process

1. Apply through OSU GO

2. Apply online to ESB:


Immigration Documentation

Documents to bring with you:

  • Passport or identity card
  • Student Visa from the French Consulate
  • A repatriation insurance if you wish to have one from your home country
  • Copies of your birth certificate translated into French
  • A banking certificate saying that you get a minimum of 430 €/month in your banking account (or a copy of your grant)
  • As student the national driving licence is recognised by the French authorities
  • An international visa card to be able to get money from a cash dispenser upon arrival or travellers cheques
  • Passport format photos of you for administrative purposes
  • Proof of insurance (provided by OSU through OSU GO) to cover your medical expenses abroad

If you get a visa for longer than 3 months with the mention “student”, you are exempted of residence permit the first year of your stay in France. Before your arrival in France, the consulate will deliver you the visa and a “demande d’attestation OFII” that you have to send with a copy of your passport within the first three months of your arrival in France to the OFII at this address :

Direction territoriale de l’OFII

93 bis rue de la Commune de 1871

44000 REZE

OFII will send you a notification to validate your visa (further the medical visit and X-rayed lungs). You will have to bring the following papers with you:

  • A copy of your passport (page with the date of entrance in France, page with the visa and page with the date of validity of your passport)
  • Proof that you have an accommodation in Nantes
  • 1 passport format photo
  • The medical certificate delivered by the doctor approved of OFII
  • OFII Stamp (mention ANAEM or OMI) 58€